Job Description

Our US based client is in need of Director of Operations who can manage developers and AWS in their Manila Office.

You will:

  • Manage Lead Developer and DevOps Analyst
  • Coordinate product releases and hotfixes
  • Coordinate technical side of customer implementations (reporting to Head of Customer Success in the U.S.)
  • Oversee critical bug-fixes and complex customer support escalations
  • Manage infrastructure/AWS (Amazon Web Services)-related monitoring activities, enhancements
  • Design/implement/roll-out consistent and well-documented processes/structures around all of the above
  • Communicate regularly with the CEO and CTO (both U.S.-based)
  • Manage QA/Customer Support Coordinator
  • Coordinate various office, administrative and operational-related activities on an ad-hoc basis

Minimum Qualifications

  • We’re looking for a strong/experienced supervisor to oversee our Software Engineering, Customer Suport, QA, and Admin teams in Manila.
  • We’re your typical startup. We’re growing fast, which means new structures/processes are being created as we go. You must be able to effectively work/supervise (and even enjoy being) in this type of dynamic/fast-paced environment.
  • 5-10 years of work experience, preferably in multinational/enterprise-sized corporations.
  • Knowledge of enterprise-level B2B software (either as a user, or an employee of B2B software company).
  • Finance/accounting software experience a plus, but familiarity with other corporate applications are acceptable as well (ERP, CRM, HRIS, CLM, MRP, etc.).
  • We would like the candidate to have at least one or more of the following 3 experiences: (1) accounting, (2) corporate IT at a large organization, and/or (3) corporate software development/engineering experience (most ideal of the 3).

Application Form